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Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz
     Paranormal Book Series
Published author and paranormal investigator enthusiast, 
Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz, has launched a book series entitled, "Paranormal Encounters."  She has written TEN books sharing her continuous and evolved encounters with the paranormal-UFO-unexplained.  Chapters include true accounts of paranormal encounters, insight on current topics, question/answer, research, and bonus chapters.  Book contents and descriptions are below.  All books are in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., as well as on Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes/Noble.   

Dr. Schutz is an intuitive "sensitive" empath.  She holds four advanced degrees, was a former paralegal investigator, and has an interest in life-after-death and parapsychology issues.  She travels to locations within the United States and Europe seeking haunted locations to investigate.  She has and continues to experience 100+ paranormal-unexplained phenomena since the age of 9.  Her paranormal show, which she produces, is highly ranked and is heard worldwide on Podomatic.  Her program can also be heard on the popular network, "Para-X Radio" located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



All paranormal books are 6x9, black and white print, illustrated with a glossy color cover.  Book 9 (7x10) Maynard and Mildred:  Comedic Adventures is the only book with audio MP3 offered as a combo.  Voice actors are Dr. Kelly and her husband. Descriptions viewed below.  

The cost for each single book (Books 1-7) is $20.00 (includes shipping, fees, handling).  Book 8, not shown, is an Investigative Journal.  Books 9 and 10 are large books illustrated with sketches and photos.  They are $25.00 each.  Maynard and Mildred, book & audio MP3 combo, is $25.00.  

If you buy two or more items, your discount from your final total is $5.00.  Contact the author at   PayPal and Debit/Credit Cards are acceptable.  

Order directly from Dr. Kelly Schutz.  Her email address is:  Send her an email noting your desired books and she will send you an invoice.  Once paid and cleared, you will receive via USPS (4-8 days), the items [unless backordered].  

Domestic Shipping (United States) is included in your purchase.  Do not forget to provide clear details on your address, phone, and email, if needed for the notes box.  If you would like your book signed, indicate that to me.  International Shipping - due to high shipping costs, please order through

All books can be purchased through  The print version of Maynard and Mildred (no audio) can also be ordered through Amazon.  Type in kelly schutz paranormal encounters into the search bar.   A Kindle version will also be available for most books.   

Domestic orders from this website (unless back-ordered) will take approximately 4-8 business days.  Packages are sent by USPS media mail rate.


BOOK 1 = 230 Pages
Paranormal Encounters:  Attacks, Manifestations, Attachments, and Poltergeists.  Topics include:  Death, Superstitions, Ghost Attractions, and Hauntings.  Stories include:  12 illustrated personal real-life stories.  Bonus chapters include:  Investigator Theoretical Tool Kit, Use of Ghost Equipment, and Debunking Unexplained Events.   

BOOK 2 = 250 Pages
Paranormal Encounters: Be Careful What You Wish For.  Topics include: Angels, Demons, Ghost Animals, Portals.  Stories include: 12 illustrated personal real-life stories. Bonus chapters include: Investigator Theoretical Tool Kit, Use of Ghost Equipment, and Debunking Unexplained Events.   

BOOK 3 = 300 Pages
Paranormal Encounters: Beyond the Grave. This book combines the stories from Books 1 and 2 (24 illustrated personal real-life stories).  No topics.  Bonus chapters include: Investigator Theoretical Tool Kit, Use of Ghost Equipment, and Debunking Unexplained Events.   

BOOK 4 = 200 Pages
Paranormal Encounters: Defying Naturalism. This book is illustrated.  It discusses 14 supernatural and paranormal topics. Topics include:  Dreams, Near Death, Superstitions, Angels, Demons, Ghost Animals, Psychics, Ghost Attractions, Hauntings, Moon Phases, Energy Fields, Orbs, Vortexes, Portals, Spectral Sites.  This book also contains some stories and bonus chapters -- Investigator Theoretical Tool Kit, Use of Ghost Equipment, and Debunking Unexplained Events.  

BOOK 5 = 312 Pages
Paranormal Encounters:  Hanging Around.  This book contains 5 fiction (not real) and 20 non-fiction (real) stories as experienced by the author and contributors.  No topics, one bonus chapter on debunking experiences.    

BOOK 6 = 200 Pages
Paranormal Encounters:  Through A Child's Eyes.  This book contains research and stories as shared by young people ages 4 to 20.  Permission of parents were obtained.  Contains a few topics and one or more bonus chapters on adults experiences, black eyed children, and debunking experiences.  

BOOK 7 = 209 Pages
Paranormal Encounters:  Haunted Phenomena.  This book contains 70+ illustrated paranormal stories (shortened from their original versions) as compiled from Books 1-6.  Consider this book to be a catalog of experiences that provides a glimpse of all stories written in detail in the other books.  Bonus chapters may include investigator theoretical tool kit and debunking encounters.  

BOOK 8 = XX Pages.  Investigative Journal.

BOOK 9 = 398 Pages
Paranormal Encounters:  Manifestations.  This book combines chapters from prior books 1,2,3 and 5.  These books were combined to showcase how a variety of situations can provide a range of unexplained experiences.  This book contains "a few" added stories.  No bonus chapters.  

BOOK 10 = 364 Pages 
Paranormal Encounters:  Message Received.  This book contains 20 first hand accounts (stories) [17 author experiences and 3 contributor].  This book showcases phenomena that has evolved in the author's life such as -- alien visitations, handprint marking, Starseed people, manifestations, shadow figures, psychokinesis, past life regression, remote viewing, brain frequency changes, ectoplasm, trances, imprints, teleportation, animal protection, etc.

BOOK XX = 165 Pages Book with Audio CD (22 segments)
Maynard and Mildred: Comedic Adventures.  Maynard and Mildred is a popular segment heard on my top ranked show, Paranormal Encounters Podcast Series. This comedic show can be heard on Podomatic and on the Para-X Radio Network (various dates). Maynard is a young boy who meets Mildred, his invisible ghost friend. She likes to tease him. Together, they form a partnership taking on life's greatest adventures. The artwork in the book brings the segments to life. The scripts are easy to follow. The 22 narrative skits (fiction) are enjoyable for all age ranges. Voice actors are Dr. Kelly and her husband.

DO YOU HAVE A STORY TO SHARE?  Send me an email (see address below).  Tell me your story.  Individuals whose stories are chosen will be asked to be a guest on one of my podcast shows.  

No Refunds.  Only given if you receive a defective product.  

Each book and/or book & audio MP3 have been carefully crafted to provide you with an exceptional visual and auditory experience.  You may contact me at my email:  Thank you for ordering.

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